Process Overview

Three phases bring your idea from conversation to the delivery of your logo.

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the story

Step one. Let me hear all you've collected - in your brain, on your Pinterest account, and from magazines. Here's the part where we make all efforts to get on the same page. That we're seeing and feeling the same things (sounds freaky - it's helpful).

Download the Logo Design Questionnaire for Word, Pages or as a PDF.

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the idea

Ok. We're on the same page, we're vibing on your brand, your story, your message. Now I get in my zone and deliver you 3-100 sketches (simply depending on how much you want to see. The same amount of work is done irregardless). From here we narrow it down to your most inspiring selection and stick wings on it!

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the birth

We've highlighted the idea that WORKS. Now we scrutinize until the term "perfect" can't be avoided. The idea you've selected in phase 2 is refined to a polished draft and your feedback is catalyst for conversation and perfection of your logo. 

Illustration Examples

Grammy P , pencil on paper

Grammy P, pencil on paper

Quirky Lemons , watercolor and pen on paper

Quirky Lemons, watercolor and pen on paper

Flowers 4 , micron pen on paper

Flowers 4, micron pen on paper

Classic Logo examples

So Us Wedding Photography , wedding photography service

So Us Wedding Photography, wedding photography service

gripfit , fitness studio

gripfit, fitness studio

Summit Training Loft , health and wellness studio

Summit Training Loft, health and wellness studio


Pricing & Payment Schedule

Logo design and delivery: $1497 (tax included). Total is spread into two payments. Please see the schedule below.

1st Payment

First-round logo drafts are delivered 7 days after Contract and 50% deposit ($748.50) are received.

final Payment 

Final payment ($748.50) is due after final logo design is approved and before its delivery.

Payments by check to Nina Medard, 97 Longfellow Rd., Worcester, MA 01602 is appreciated.

Questions? Contact Nina Medard:

email  |   phone 312.882.6118