Most of us have limited experience with professional photographing. Through our own awkward experiences in front the camera, and listening to dozens of similar stories, we’ve created a system that promises your photo shoot to be enjoyable & authentic - founded on amazing portraits that dance the line of poses and candids. You can expect a positive, high-quality experiences that produce amazing photographic products. Bluefly Lens is a full service photography studio.

You can have sentimental, heirloom artwork on your walls in 5 very simple steps:

  1. Call to schedule
  2. Come to your pre-consultation
  3. Have your shoot
  4. Come to your viewing & ordering appointment.
  5. Framed photographs are delivered
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Ten years had passed since high school, when Nina & Alicia’s love and passion for photography reunited them.Both photographers & entrepreneurs in their own right. Alicia & Nina were meeting up to touch base & talk photography - the craft & the business. Things were going really well for each of them, but both felt lacking in community. Unexpectedly the two proposed teaming up - something neither of them went into the meeting expecting. Nina photographed women & weddings; Alicia: newborns, children & families. Teaming up meant they’d be able to nurture life-long photographic relationship with their clients - their Bluefly Lens family and community.

As they grow their families, we’re there to see them through it! The brides & grooms we photograph become new parents and they call us to photograph their newborns and families. Our business has been created around our favorite clients and their needs. It’s perfect for everyone!”