Sophia's First Birthday - Boston Baby Photographer

A whimsical first birthday for sweet Sophia!  This party was so well done down to every last detail - the balloons, the cake, the bubbles, the flowers, the cookies, the guestbook, the confetti, the birthday crowns - this mom did not miss a beat & it was certainly an important day they will remember for a life time.  I was so thrilled when they asked me to come photograph this party.  They were able to get beautiful photographs of different combinations of friends and family that were there celebrating Sophia's special day.  My favorite part - they didn't have to designate one of the other guests to take photos with an iPhone, and they will actually get gorgeous, tangible prints to decorate their home with! :)

Happy birthday, Sophia!! xoxo

Baby Yona & how to wrangle a two year old πŸ˜‚

Happy Wednesday!!  The moment you've all been waiting for... Nina's baby girl "Yona" is here!!  She is just as cute and sweet as big brother Umi :) And what a "little sister" she really is... she's a little peanut and was only 6 lbs. 5 oz. when she was born.  The whole family is doing so great and are soo in love with the new little girl in the family.

I had to share some outtakes for your viewing pleasure ;)  this week on how to wrangle a two and a  half year old πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We played some games with Umi to get these sweet photos down below.  Things like hide & seek, peak a boo, having him lay next to her to see how much bigger & taller he was than her, seeing if he could touch her nose with his nose, his chin with her chin, etc.

Enjoy!! xoxo

Here she is!!

Baby Ellie : Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Happy Wednesday!  My cousin just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago, and we're all in love!  She is now a proud mom of two beautiful girls.  Big sister Lilly is adjusting to her new role and was telling little sister Ellie some stories and singing her Cinderella songs during this shoot.  Those in-between moments are hands down some of my favorites!

They say the days are long but the years are short & this ring so true to so may families.  It's time to embrace and hold fast to the memories of these little humans we hold so dear!

Ellie was about two weeks old when I finally got to meet her.  She was born at 9lbs. 3oz!  Lifestyle newborn sessions can take place anytime within the first 4 weeks after the baby is born unlike studio sessions which are time sensitive and limits to babies under 14 days old.  If you are looking for a newborn photographer you can call or email anytime for more information on how to book your session.

Enjoy! xoxo

Get what you really want: Registry 1, 2, 3!

Add Bluefly Lens to your wedding or baby registry!

It's sooo simple!

1. Go to at the top you will see a "registry" link

2. Click the button that says "Create a Registry"

3. Enter in your contact information, the occasion you are registering for (wedding or baby), and click all that interest you:

  • Photography Sessions
  • Photographs, Frames, Books & Notecards
  • Gift Certificates

That's it!  Add it to your invitation or save the date, and your guests can either fill out the form on or just give us a call at 774-452-0927.

The new way: a walk through

Working with Bluefly Lens has never been easier!  We have designed three main collections to choose from to suite your needs.  Our clients have spoken, they want to receive more digitals...and we have listened!!

We also have a great option for those families who are interested in capturing their child's first year.  You would have a maternity session, a newborn session, and then you can choose the next lifestyle milestone session (either 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year after baby is born)

To our existing clients who are used to the way we did things before... don't worry!  We still offer custom framing, photobooks, occasion cards, and prints!

Step 1 : Which collection is right for you? 

Step 2 : Contact us here:

Step 3 : We'll decide on the perfect date and right location together, and that's it!  We'll see you at your photo shoot :)

Improved Pricing, Better Structure!

If you look outside right now it seems like all the world is changing! Bright green leaves, pink and white flower buds in bloom everywhere - gorgeous is all around!

In suit, our lives and families are changing, growing, taking new steps! As seasons change, so do our lives and the best way to keep beauty growing is to remain flexible. Therefore, today we introduce you to a way to Bluefly Lens that will hopefully be more stream to your line.

If you're signed up for our mid-week newsletter, you received a special Mother's Day offer. The response was awesome and confirmation that this is indeed the direction we want to head - together.

To be more compatible with your needs and desires.

For all of us to be there more for our families; and to simply enjoy more together.

Ready for the big unveil?

Wachusett Meadow Audobon Engagement Session

A couple months ago we blogged about some awesome clients and their ability to just melt in front of the camera and let us capture "them" : their life, their love, their good and their wonderfully strange.

It also happened to be a session we shot at the very same location as the one I'll get into today. They saw that earlier post and loved the wide open, monochrome landscape it offered. And for the right clients, we did too.

They were "them".

Meet Amanda and Greg.

Actually, we met Amanda a few years ago when we began offering high quality, customized framing as part of our photo services. 

Amanda is one of the uniquely titled "Master Framers" that exist in the WORLD.

She's been the good hands that we place ourselves and clients regularly, so when she got engaged we were SO EXCITED that she wanted US to photograph her engagement milestone. She'd been able to see the consistency and quality of our printed work along with a bit of our process. So the request was especially special to us.

But it wasn't until Amanda and Greg's pre-consultation that we got to really sit down and meet Greg. He's a genius coder that does so much more than either of us will ever wrap our minds around - and he's also Amanda's best friend (of course. You'd hope!)

Together they have some awesome unusualities (ok, I made that word up) that they were HAPPY to bring into their engagement photos. Long time PokΓ©mon players, avid New Yorker readers, and picnic-people. 

The confidence with which they brought these marginal hobbies was so invigorating and refreshing. It wasn't so much that they have these unique elements about themselves, but that they presented them with comfort - no braggery, no apology.

At our pre-consultation, they warned us they were awkward, but during the session Alicia and I BOTH thought, "I see no awkwardness here" (thumbs up!).

I like to think that's the magic that takes place in a good match. Romantically - AND with the right photographer!

Embracing our quirks (or "unusualities") offers so many benefits. Not least of which is a collection of more beautiful, personalized photographs.

There's a reason customization is at the heart of all we do in Bluefly Lens.

3 Simple ways to dress up your existing artwork

You've made the leap to printing photographs and acquiring artwork. You've seen the difference that framing makes and have become a believer! Yet, somehow it's not all coming together? We've assembled a few really simple, very applicable ways to take you from your next-level status to pro.

1. Hanging & displaying 

To start with the simplest fix, or perhaps the one that will reassure you that you're not too off path, let's start with hanging and displaying!

One of the quickest ways to dignify your artwork is by displaying it! Perhaps the trickiest part is deciding where you'll display your artwork. Will it hang in a living room with contemporary decor or a sunroom filled with wicker?  Is it going to be part of a gallery display, or will it be the focal piece of a professional office?

After selecting your location, you're well on your way! Make sure you've got your proper hanging tools (largely dependent on the size and weight of the piece). Lighter pieces will often only require hammer and nail - while larger pieces may require multiple nails, special hooks - and of coarse a pencil and tape measure. When in doubt reach out to a professional.

2. Color, style and consistency

Much before hanging and displaying come in to play, comes the task of selecting the perfect look for your artwork. This is largely founded, not surprisingly, on your own personal style! Slick plastic, metals and polished frames work well with contemporary styles; barn wood, deep grains and earth tones often compliment a more natural look.

Making frame and mat choices that coordinate with the art is paramount to complimenting, rather than competing. When selecting your mats and frames, look at your artwork, choose the element you'd like to call out, then match shades and styles to that element.

3. Matting 101

Speaking of mats, let's dig in a little, shall we? One or more mats offer depth to any framed piece; along with a bit of color and space to breathe.

Mat boards come in hundreds of colors, materials and textures. Well chosen mats enhance artwork by offering itself as a transition into a room's decor. The wider a mat, of this lovely breathing room which enables you to focus on the art itself much more easily.

If you decide to opt out of matting framed artwork, consider a wider frame. Narrow, mattless frames often look skimpy and are insufficient to the job of holding up a design. Since you won't have a mat as desired breathing room, you'll find a nice, wide frame creates a similar visual separation from its surroundings.


If you have any questions please feel free to pick our brains via email or in the comments section below! We also LOVE seeing framed artwork and what you're collecting so please share #bflbringsbeautyhome!

Inspired by the Moment: Second Pregnancy Maternity Photos

I don't know. 

For some reason during my first pregnancy the idea of maternity photos didn't bond well to me.

Maybe I didn't think I was important enough. Maybe I couldn't find the right photographer. Or maybe it was that I wasn't thinking far enough outside the box to have a concept or visual for them that excited me enough to make it happen.

Whatever the reason, they never happened. Not really anyway.

I did end up with a few "nice" iPhone/self-timer photos here and there throughout it - so I can prove that it's happened and I've done it (pregnancy that is). And I did compel my husband toward the very end, when the "now or never"  started clearing the horizon - to take a few, fairly unbeautiful photos - no fault of his own - the conditions were horrible - tiny bathroom, night time, tungsten lighting and a very tired pregnant me at the very end of the day.

So - perhaps needless to say - this time around I've realized the value of taking the time, effort and vulnerability to make some effort toward documenting and art-ing up this time of life. 

Past experience (explained above) plus my sweet little lamb of a two-year-old was what I needed to get over myself and give in.

As the day approached, I'd had some concept in my mind of what I wanted these photos to be. More "family" with a belly sure to get in here and there every once in a while. I wanted a lot of love, snuggles and beautiful, poetic smooshing between my husband, our son, and me.

I drew up some ideas to help translate all this to Alicia who would be taking the photos for us. She's great for wrapping her mind around whatever wild ideas I bring to her. I challenge you to challenge her!

Two days before the shoot, with a few ideas and sketches out in the open (I should mention here that the sketches were also helpful to share with my husband - you know - being married and on the same page is always a good thing), I sat on the couch with my son. We'd found some stickers and were keeping busy peeling and sticking them all over the place.

After a short while "all over the place" became "all over my belly" and I realized this was the perfect scenario for taking some unabashed "belly shots".

I wasn't 100% sure a recreation could actually happen because, well, have you ever met a two year old? But luckily the sticker-phenomenon was still fresh and genuine two days later (really, you never know!) and we made some of the most beautiful and true-to-us photos of this pregnancy and I couldn't be happier.

Remember what I said about challenging Alicia?