Nina and I went to high school together...picture me with braces and bangs...sounds really cute I know  ;)

We graduated high school and each went our separate ways.  After 10 years, we rekindled our relationship over our love for photography.

We were both running our own successful businesses, but definitely felt the lack of community. We had met up a few times to discuss photography and business, and loved having another photographer's ear to run ideas by.  

During these meet ups we had never intended on joining forces.  However, one day over coffee at BirchTree in Worcester, we thought "why wouldn't we join businesses?"  It seems like all great business ideas are over coffee, right??  Anyways, we thought this was the best way to serve our clients, and put two heads together to create the best business possible.  

 Nina was focusing primarily on women and weddings.  I was focusing primarily on newborns, children, and families.  We both loved the relationships we were building with our clients, and wanted a way to continue to work with these great as many ways as possible!

Now, fast forward a few months... and we have developed a brand where we will be "your photographers for life!"  We want to be there at every stage of your life to capture your most cherished memories.

... we even have a great intern program now!

... we even have a great intern program now!