Senior Photos at Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA

Crane beach has to be one of the most gorgeous beaches Nina and I have ever been to in New England!  It was immediately added to our list of personal-beach-day destinations. The long beach with light tan sand has a beautiful view and when you walk to the end of the beach, you can see the town of Ipswich (which from a far, honestly looks like you're in Europe!)  This session was on August 31st, and it was such a treat to still be able to be at the beach and in the water (OCEAN!) the day before September 1st.  

Our main focus was Julia and her senior photos.  She is such a strikingly beautiful girl with gorgeous flowing hair who wanted unique portraits that portrayed her individuality and unspoken strength. 

Her mom and sister are quite the hair models too... so we couldn't resist inviting them in to a few (ok, a lot) of the pictures. Plus, they were dressed for it:) 

Their love and unity, as you'll see, is palpable.