How to get the best wedding prep photos

All the anticipation to the big reveal... we love all those little details. The finishing touches, make up (and false eyelashes!) that make you look more and more like a glowing bride are where the love and your character shine through.

Taking photographs of your shoes, perfume, your jewelry and other thoughtful details are the photographs that fill your wedding album with the nuances of your wedding day. They are the smells, textures and sounds that will flood your mind with precious memories each time you revisit them.

Share your creative vision with your photographer!  We ALWAYS have a pre-consultation with any photo shoot we do.  We really want to hear about your specific vision and hear if there are any certain shots you are looking for.  One of our brides was running late to the ceremony, but in the pre-consultation she mentioned how she absolutely wanted a photograph of her with her dogs.. we made it happen!

Make sure you savor the moments... the getting ready show are just as much about the details as they are the candid moments.  We like to tell brides & their wedding parties to relax and enjoy yourself.  Let us do our thing, and try to pretend that we're not even there.

Don't forget about the guys!  The essential groom accessories aren't too far off from whiskey and a bow tie ;)