Making a house a home - the power of photography, interior design, and art working together!

I’ve worked with Bluefly Lens since the conception of the company.

The emphasis that this photography company puts on tangible items is something I just didn’t realize. It’s actually the main focus of what the entire company is based on; but I don't think most people truly understand why.  

I didn't understand this priority until only recently, when I sat down with Nina and Alicia. 

It all became clear. Their philosophy is simple; art that reflects your love and your life is what makes your house feel like a home. 

I have to say, they are right. 

Up until a couple weeks ago, with really no place to put it all, I had been collecting framed artwork from various photoshoots with Bluefly Lens (maternity, newborn and mother/son photos). 

My family and I were living at my parents’ house until recently, when we bought our first home. It was just in the nick of time too - I was beginning to feel like my dad didn't love the huge, framed portraits of my husband and I laying on his dining room table.

When we bought our new house, we were fortunate that there wasn't a ton of work waiting to be done.  

The previous owner was a home inspector, unsurprisingly keeping the home in great shape. But he wasn’t an interior designer! The house was painted a little too much like a circus for me (greens, reds, oranges and blues everywhere).  

Once the old brown rug was replaced with a fresh and modern one; and we painted over the circus-colored walls with a relaxing, cool gray, the house was beginning to look more like ours

But it wasn't there yet.

I looked around in eagerness. The house was covered in boxes, but I was only interested in finding one; the box with our photography in it.  

My husband, Pat, and I agreed on which frames we’d hang where, and I was anxious to get everything hung up. 

He kept saying crazy things like "we need a level,” and “make sure the pictures are hung evenly”! I ignored him.

There was no time to get a level; I needed to see how everything would look - now

The first pictures I hung were our maternity pictures; one of Pat nestled into my pregnant belly, and one of me alone. They now hung side by side. A perfect pair.

OH MY, what a difference! 

I FREAKED OUT over how insanely gorgeous the black and white pictures looked on our new gray walls.

I ended up hanging all the other pictures in the same room, on the same day, on same wall (ha! jk).



Nina and Alicia offer installation as part of their included services to clients (along with delivery, framing/matting, design appointments and the more obvious things like editing and retouching).

And, while this time I couldn’t control my urges and wait for their help, I’m excited to know that they will come and guide me on future sessions, frames and memories as I “make my house a home” little by little.

I feel like, who better to help me decide where my artwork looks best than the photographers who are experts on lighting and placement?

In this aspect, I sometimes think N+A are doing themselves a disservice only marketing their business as photography, because to me, this part of the business seems like interior design and it's a huge part of what they are offering.

Besides the installation service, the girls even meet clients for an in-home pre-consultation to gauge each client's style, needs and wants; and do a home walk-through in order to help select spaces in which to draw inspiration. 

THIS IS SO AMAZING TO ME.  Have you ever heard of a photographer doing a home walk-through to help suggest where to place custom art for your home?  I haven't.  

This isn't just photography.  This is clearly also interior design and it is so damn cool that these two things are being combined!  

If anyone can think of a new word that combines photography, art and interior design, please let me know ASAP so I can get Nina and Alicia to rebrand their business.