Experiencing Wedding Albums

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Your wedding album is one of the few luxuries that outlasts the day of your nuptials.

Pretty as a place setting; as entertaining as the dance floor; and filled with more memories than the fine round of speeches during cocktail hour; the wedding album is an after thought that deserves much more than it’s Cinderella-treatment.

At Bluefly Lens, every request and every product is custom created. There are no sterile formulas and we avoid sticking your requests into rigid strings of check-boxes. 

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What does that mean for our clients?

When we layout your wedding album, we are creating a storyboard of your wedding day. 

The visual storyline rolls through its climax like a roller-coaster; often reaching its first peak at the ceremonial lip-locking; and reaching epic joy as bride and groom dance into the night with one another, friends and family.

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While we can appreciate the immediate and mass satisfaction that comes with a quick upload to Facebook; a true wedding album, one with pages that turn, and feel, smell, and serve each of our five senses, becomes an experience that creates pause and reflection.

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Like sitting by a lake with a warm cup of tea, listening to the water roll; turning the pages of your wedding album is romantic and nostalgic; both in the act itself and the content within.

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