3 Simple ways to dress up your existing artwork

You've made the leap to printing photographs and acquiring artwork. You've seen the difference that framing makes and have become a believer! Yet, somehow it's not all coming together? We've assembled a few really simple, very applicable ways to take you from your next-level status to pro.

1. Hanging & displaying 

To start with the simplest fix, or perhaps the one that will reassure you that you're not too off path, let's start with hanging and displaying!

One of the quickest ways to dignify your artwork is by displaying it! Perhaps the trickiest part is deciding where you'll display your artwork. Will it hang in a living room with contemporary decor or a sunroom filled with wicker?  Is it going to be part of a gallery display, or will it be the focal piece of a professional office?

After selecting your location, you're well on your way! Make sure you've got your proper hanging tools (largely dependent on the size and weight of the piece). Lighter pieces will often only require hammer and nail - while larger pieces may require multiple nails, special hooks - and of coarse a pencil and tape measure. When in doubt reach out to a professional.

2. Color, style and consistency

Much before hanging and displaying come in to play, comes the task of selecting the perfect look for your artwork. This is largely founded, not surprisingly, on your own personal style! Slick plastic, metals and polished frames work well with contemporary styles; barn wood, deep grains and earth tones often compliment a more natural look.

Making frame and mat choices that coordinate with the art is paramount to complimenting, rather than competing. When selecting your mats and frames, look at your artwork, choose the element you'd like to call out, then match shades and styles to that element.

3. Matting 101

Speaking of mats, let's dig in a little, shall we? One or more mats offer depth to any framed piece; along with a bit of color and space to breathe.

Mat boards come in hundreds of colors, materials and textures. Well chosen mats enhance artwork by offering itself as a transition into a room's decor. The wider a mat, of this lovely breathing room which enables you to focus on the art itself much more easily.

If you decide to opt out of matting framed artwork, consider a wider frame. Narrow, mattless frames often look skimpy and are insufficient to the job of holding up a design. Since you won't have a mat as desired breathing room, you'll find a nice, wide frame creates a similar visual separation from its surroundings.


If you have any questions please feel free to pick our brains via email or in the comments section below! We also LOVE seeing framed artwork and what you're collecting so please share #bflbringsbeautyhome!