Wachusett Meadow Audobon Engagement Session

A couple months ago we blogged about some awesome clients and their ability to just melt in front of the camera and let us capture "them" : their life, their love, their good and their wonderfully strange.

It also happened to be a session we shot at the very same location as the one I'll get into today. They saw that earlier post and loved the wide open, monochrome landscape it offered. And for the right clients, we did too.

They were "them".

Meet Amanda and Greg.

Actually, we met Amanda a few years ago when we began offering high quality, customized framing as part of our photo services. 

Amanda is one of the uniquely titled "Master Framers" that exist in the WORLD.

She's been the good hands that we place ourselves and clients regularly, so when she got engaged we were SO EXCITED that she wanted US to photograph her engagement milestone. She'd been able to see the consistency and quality of our printed work along with a bit of our process. So the request was especially special to us.

But it wasn't until Amanda and Greg's pre-consultation that we got to really sit down and meet Greg. He's a genius coder that does so much more than either of us will ever wrap our minds around - and he's also Amanda's best friend (of course. You'd hope!)

Together they have some awesome unusualities (ok, I made that word up) that they were HAPPY to bring into their engagement photos. Long time Pokémon players, avid New Yorker readers, and picnic-people. 

The confidence with which they brought these marginal hobbies was so invigorating and refreshing. It wasn't so much that they have these unique elements about themselves, but that they presented them with comfort - no braggery, no apology.

At our pre-consultation, they warned us they were awkward, but during the session Alicia and I BOTH thought, "I see no awkwardness here" (thumbs up!).

I like to think that's the magic that takes place in a good match. Romantically - AND with the right photographer!

Embracing our quirks (or "unusualities") offers so many benefits. Not least of which is a collection of more beautiful, personalized photographs.

There's a reason customization is at the heart of all we do in Bluefly Lens.