Love is in the Details: Newborn Session

I finally got to sit in on another photoshoot with N+A and it was CUTER THAN CUTE!  This time the subject was Mila Rose’s newborn pictures.  She was kind enough to let her parents, Athena and Justin, jump in a couple pics but there was no mistake who the star of the show was.  

From the bows, to the rose prints to the bum-ruffles, the best part of this photoshoot was the outfits and accessories!  Let me just ask here and now, why doesn’t anyone put bum-ruffles on adult leggings?  I can’t think of anything cuter or more flattering to any toosh.  I need some.

A lot of the outfits were actually Mila’s but I know from my boo’s photoshoot the girls bring a lot of their own stuff.  I love that photo locations are sort of dictated by the outfit of the moment.  For instance, mom wanted special photos of just her and Mila and she had the perfect rose swaddle that was used (how fitting since her name is Mila Rose)!   They used a guest bedroom that had beautiful rose patterned pillows to accentuate the swaddle.  The bum-ruffles maybe wouldn’t have gone as perfectly with the bedding as the rose print did.  Thankfully, Nina and Alicia also have an eye for switching things up when necessary.  Taking pillows from another room, swapping out a throw blanket for another or adding accessories like teddy bears can create a ton of different looks for a picture.

In another newborn shoot I was at, the dad was laughing when he got home in the middle of the session.  He said he always know when Alicia has been in the house because their house is redecorated and the my bedding is changed.  That day, Alicia had switched their bedding from a paisley print to white with pops of teal in accent pillows and throw blankets.  It would have been a little busy for pictures so thankfully N+A to the rescue to switch things up.


WriteTo the contrary, N+A are also huge fans of plain, plain, plain.  Sometimes the best pictures lack the fancy stuff!  The baby is captivating enough so why not leave her as she is?  Pictures in just a diaper, or even a daring birthday suit, are so timeless and beautiful.  One of my favorite looks was the black and whites of Mila and her dad.  It’s amazing to see how dainty she is in his big hands (not to mention Justin is taller than the average man so the scale between him and Mila showed how tiny she is). 

Last and most importantly, mom wanted a great family photo of the three of them.  She wanted something that looked natural.  When she was viewing the photos at the viewing & ordering appointment the one she loved the most, was one that she said portrayed the three of them in a position that she said they are in quite often when it’s just the three of them; laying on their bed, admiring their sweet baby girl that they can’t get enough of!  The home is absolutely beautiful, with TONS of beautiful open walls.  We just can’t wait to see where they put these photographs!