Investing Outside the Box & Where It Counts

When you think of investing in something, you don’t necessarily consider photography. But when you stop to think about why you’d invest in something more mainstream, like stocks or real estate, doesn’t it all just boil down to the future you’d like to create for yourself?

Like setting up life insurance or a trust fund, investing in photography is an investment in the future and happiness of your family. 

Your wedding only happens once (when all goes according to plan), your babies are new just once, your children will only have those chubby wrists and gappy-toothed smiles that one time. And the beautiful trenches of starting and building your family life and home are fleeting, precious moments that deserve to be glorified and remembered.

Investing in beautiful pictures means warm moments of remembering of your family forever. Preserving the story of your family. And being able to pass these stories and characters on from generation to generation.

But let’s talk about quality for a minute. If the photographs and their frames are anything other than heirloom-quality, how far up your family tree will these memories climb? 

And if the photographs are anything other than what dedicated professionals are able to capture, how much truth and history will they really be able to carry with them?

With our photography, it can be glanced at and called beautiful; or you can sit down and look at each little thing about the picture (as if you're in an art gallery) and pull meaning from the settings, body language, clothing, etc…

Photographs that can encompass the essence of each family member and each relationship speak the words that can become watered down and trite as they pass from generation to generation.

Investing in your future for long-term pleasure is obviously wise. The amazing thing about investing in photography specifically, is that there is so much that can be immediately enjoyed as well.

Custom photography is a conversation piece; an object that can’t be enjoyed from elsewhere. It’s something special to share with others; like findings from a far-off excursion.

Isn’t it such a sad moment when you think you’ve added the perfect piece of decor to your home, but then you see it in a friends home? As cute as it was for girls to dress like twins in junior high, it’s not cool to match anymore. The best part of custom pictures are that they are CUSTOM! 

No matter how the photographs are created, these pictures can never be recreated and they will always stand out as different. But wouldn’t it be nice if these “different” pieces in your home were also statement pieces, show stoppers, exemplary of the quality that’s available, and just downright gorgeous?

Here enters the importance of hiring a professional who gets you, who gets the importance of interior design, who has the understanding for framing & matting and the best way to display your photographs, and who believes in the value of having custom statement pieces. 

Having a relationship with your photographer that continues to grow as you do is invaluable. It allows your personal photography collection to be composed of many different moments in your life with an ever-developing sensitivity to the nuances that create the beauty of your family dynamic.

We will all invest in our futures - and it’s ok to think about investments differently than most. 

Thinking beyond typical investment options allows you to consider an opportunity for deeper fulfillment. After all, when you’re old and grey, what will be your greatest treasures: the mass-produced things that anybody could have bought or the things that have made your life unique and meaningful?


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