Which Client-Style Are You?

It's no secret, I'm a loyal Starbucksian.

Beyond the irresistible sugar/caffeine high via their perfectly designed, ever-evolving packaging, is the fact that I can order some completely-personalized item from them without the bat of the eye. Iced, grande, half-caff, caramel macchiato, half the vanilla, extra caramel.

I love shopping. But more specifically, I love shopping where I not only feel appreciated, but also catered to. Where my experience is allowed to be personalized - and where that personalization is welcomed with wide-open arms.

A lot of stores are simply off my list because the policies override the customer needs. That doesn't feel very neighborhoody to me. And that neighborhoody/ everybody-knows-your-name atmosphere is everything.

We've found that of all our favorite clients, really no two are exactly alike. Some come to us only wanting to show up looking and feeling their best; while others come to pre-consultations eager to share Pin Boards, bios and outfit choices. We love you all.

Which client-style are you?

The Visionary

Often times you are a fellow artist or craft enthusiast. Filled with strong ideas and tastes. Armed with sketches, stories or Pin Boards, but always knowing exactly what you're looking for in your photographs, and have an exact idea in mind of what you'd like the end product to look - and feel - like.

The Giver

Like the name suggests, you have a gift-list and we're probably on it! Viewing & Ordering appointments are your heaven and also where your check list is accomplished line by line. One is not enough and the photographs are always for the whole community, not just your immediate household.  You know how to seize the opportunity of using your photographs for just about everything (holidays, birthdays, wedding thank-you's and now that you're thinking about it... Mother's and Father's Day)!

The Minimalist

Whittle down 200 photographs to just one? Not a problem for The Minimalist. If you're a Minimalist Client you are on the hunt for that one perfect photograph to frame and you frame it large. You know that the next session will fill in any temporal gap in your home gallery and the wait does not bother you. The anticipation of the next perfect purchase only adds to the fun of it all.

The Tactician

Sure, you could use this item for that, but why stop there?! As a Tactician, you are looking for multiple uses for your photographs and even the items that you order. You are creative and resourceful and enjoy dreaming up endless possibilities.  

One such client has ordered numerous photographs from her engagement session and is cleverly using them as wedding decor! Post-reception they'll double as thank-you-gifts to select family and friends... and of coarse keep a few for herself ;)

The Traditionalist

You honor tradition and value the tried-and-true. You see the wisdom in comfort and invite it into your home.  You frame just enough from your session and in traditional/classic frames that allow the moments to shine; saving room - and time - for the next milestone.

The Eclectic

Old ideas out. New ideas in. Open to experimenting and wanting nothing you've seen before. Though we work with renowned master framers, your tastes generally collide and triumph their advice in your quest of communicating your own strong sense of style and anthropology...but trust us, we delight in your strong, and often unusual decisions!  

The Experientialist

From start to finish, you don't want to miss a beat. You love to fully understand and involve yourself in each step of the experience. You're along for the process and enjoy the photography as much as all it took to create it.  You are more than willing to partake in a pre-consultation before your shoot, fully enjoy the viewing and ordering process, take us up on our expertise of framing and matting, and happily invite us to come into your home to install your beautiful new additions with precision!

Whichever category - or categories - you find yourself fitting into, be there boldly. We implore you! Like your favorite local spot, we insist there is not only room for your style, but cause for it to be celebrated and catered to.

Your individuality keeps us on our toes, challenged and sharp! It's the beautiful element that keeps us growing creatively... an organic cycle of individuality nurturing individuality.


Win Now!

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Find this post on our Facebook page (or Instagram) for full information on entering to win $300 to Bluefly Lens! Good luck. We can't wait to work with you in the future!

Find this post on our Facebook page (or Instagram) for full information on entering to win $300 to Bluefly Lens! Good luck. We can't wait to work with you in the future!